The mirror in a friend’s eye

Zach posting:

I originally wanted to spend my first post as a time to explain all of whom I am from birth to 23 in two short paragraphs. I quickly learned that this is impossible and that everyone will just have to catch up as we go along. More importantly, however, I realized that this blog is less about who any of us are as individuals, but who we are as a group: the collective power that makes us so much stronger as one than as four.

These three men shaped and molded who I am in ways that I would never have expected or even thought possible. Dan showed me the strength of an uncompromising spirit that loves truth and righteousness at all costs, yet he models this with such a gentle and humble spirit that it drives people to action. Bobby taught me that powerful movements start with an individual captivating his dream and putting it into action. No surprise that he is the originator of this blog space. Adam constantly displays the remarkable ability to live in the moment and to boldly follow his heart without fear or worry of its danger or instability. Funny that God chose him as my room mate in a time when he is teaching me how to live with boldness and passion.

Four years is such a short time when it is really broken down, but true remarkable self-discovery can happen in single moments. For the past four years, these moments have been a constant part of my reality. I worry that distance and time will slowly unravel the strength of our bond and that one day we will wake up wondering what happened. I believe, however, that God put the four of us together for more than four years of self-discovery, accountability, and pick up sports, but that he has found a way to interweve our collective destinies. Now to figure out how…


2 responses to “The mirror in a friend’s eye

  • Amy

    what did i teach you?…just kidding. miss you! can’t wait to see you sometime soon!

  • zobbyshark

    Are you kidding me?!? You taught me how to endure the rest of these clowns. I think we can all agree that the only source of any female wisdom in our group (miss Amy) taught us more than anything else. Though I am still waiting on you to find me a wife. A road trip to Arkansas is in order…

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