Climbing Higher (and higher?) in God’s Country

Bobby posting:

I’m sitting here in an indoor soccer facility in Denver, CO.  After a week of skiing with some great friends, I’m now visiting one of my buddies still chasing his dream as a professional soccer player.  It is one of those sights that is both amazingly admirable and astonishingly agonizing to watch.  I had a conversation with one of our old high school teammates the other day who found the whole event more stupifying than stupendous.

“He’s still going after it,” he said.  “When’s it all going to end?  It’s getting kind of ridiculous isn’t it?”

I stood there with a slight smile and tried to convey a quiet peace.  A certainty that somehow my friend’s dream would come true and that all those critics back home would somehow be silenced.  The odds are slim of course, but at least he’s chasing the odds.  At least he’s trying.  Like Dan heading to a world-war zone, at least he’s putting himself in there for the fight. That’s more than most of us can say.  You got something you’re going after, don’t you?


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