“and the rules of the game are the first to Go”

 Zach posting:

Alright, we have dodged the bullet for long enough. We will tackle the issue that is on Dan and my mind about 50% of the time and Adam’s mind 99% of the time: women. Evidently I am also going to be the one to break the ice and take the first cheap shot in my post. (Note: I saved Bobby from the above jabbing because he is married to a beautiful southern bell, which is the ultimate trump card in all such debates. I try to always live by the mantra don’t pick battles you can’t win). Without further adou the post you have all been waiting for…

In Josh Ritter’s song ‘Girl in the War’ he sings this line in conjunction with the idea that there are no rules when it comes to love (In the following posts, I will use the term love generically so that I don’t have to use terms such as ‘I like her’ or ‘I really like her’ as I find these as vague a term as the first and also make me feel oddly childish). I have always had trouble with this ideology as I sit and watch so many people get hurt so badly- often because they are foolish about it. On the other hand, I watch myself and others make so many rules about it that we turn the concept of relationships into an almighty God of which we can’t escape its tyranny. Perhaps this is why the Christian dating sphere has turned into a nightmare where people can no longer go on dates because dating is so serious and only for people that are planning to get married. So it leaves us in this quandry… how do we meet and get to know girls in the mean time?

I have therefore decided and all of you will have to hold me accountable that I am going to attempt to topple these ridiculous standards on dating relationships. Let men and women go out to dinner without expectations and preconceptions and only the purpose of having fun, getting to know one another, and mutually pushing one another towards God. I desire a return to innocence–back to when I was a child and I could play with whomever I want, whenever I want. The question is–am I fooling myself? Will I only end up hurting myself and others? Or is dating more a state of mind than it is a set of rules that must be followed? I beg you all to think this through and offer me your sage wisdom, slap me upside the head for being an idiot, or join me in my push towards returning our relationships to their intended child like innocence.


2 responses to ““and the rules of the game are the first to Go”

  • Tim

    zach i love your post! throw the rules out the window and start having fun again 🙂
    you may end up getting burned a few times, but hey, what’s living if you don’t take risks?

  • adam

    you are the man. i love you, i love being your roommate, and any girl would be stinkin’ lucky to go on a date with ya. i fully support your thoughts, because you are mature enough to follow God in this. Burn the playbook, boy.

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