The Wheelhouse

Bobby posting:

I’m sitting here in the early AM of Monday morning. I’ve just returned from two amazing weeks in Colorado (a.k.a. (as far as I’m concerned) “God’s Country”). The quote, “No man needs a vacation more than the man who’s just returned from one” comes to mind. But the time there really was great in so many ways. I suppose what I came back with most of all was the confidence that I had just spent that time right where God wanted me to be.

As February turned into March, my wife and I moved lifestyles and professions and locations and left the Appalachians of Hazard, Kentucky for our childhood home of North Little Rock, Arkansas. I left behind a world as a broadcast journalist for a new one as a staff member for the student ministry that helped bring me to Christ many years ago. The transition didn’t happen immediately. Besides the new email address and the set of keys that put a school janitor to shame, there was a little bit of an adjustment curve back into this lifestyle that was once considered normal on my part. But some really good gluing took place in Colorado this past week. One of my prayers before we left KY was a desire to feel like I was in the center of where God wanted me. While leading worship for a group of high school students, that sense of standing in God’s spotlight started to shape itself in my soul.

I have this thought I’ve shared with my wife before. I can’t really wake up in the morning until I’ve smiled in the shower. I know it sounds strange, but follow me here.  I wake up, slap the alarm, stamper out of bed with the grace of Shrek, bang my head on something, and crank the heck out of those poor little shower knobs. I stand there letting hot water blanket me in my standing sleep until the idea that I’m actually trying to wake up enters my conscience. It isn’t until then that I realize that there’s a little bit of a process to this part of my day. I then turn the biggest yawn I can into the most awkward, crooked smile I’ve got. It isn’t until I feel those lips spread apart that I feel like I’ve really entered into the new day.

While getting young guys and girls to sing with all they had to their Maker this past week, I peeked my eyes open a little bit and felt a little smile come across my face. For the first time in a month or so, I felt like I was finally, really awake. I felt like I was standing right in the spot that God wanted me, right there in God’s wheelhouse.


2 responses to “The Wheelhouse

  • Zach Dillon

    This is the reason why this blog is a good idea. I miss listening to how you explain the simplest details into the deepest realities of truth. It brings incredible joy to the inner parts of my soul for me to hear that you are finally awake because you are a man of incredible passion and this passion will change the world around you. Mark these words on March 31, 2008: Bobby Harrison will be able to look back on his life and see how his life has tangibly allowed 40-50 men transform the lives of thousands.

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