Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

Bobby posting:

Starting today at noon, me, my wife, my dear mentor Taido, and a group of high school students began a 30 Hour Famine.  It is a World Vision sponsored event (check out for some info) that raises money and awareness for hunger across the world.  We all ate lunch around noon and won’t eat again until 6 o’clock tomorrow night.  We’ll spend the evening together here at church.  Weather permitting, we’ll just throw down sleeping bags and sleep outside in the lawn.  Tomorrow morning we’ll wake up, have some devotional time, and then get hard to work on some service projects…all of this without eating a bite.

Pray for us.  Pray for us as leaders.  Especially pray for our students.  We hope that this awakens something inside of them that may have not existed before.  I just got a phone call from a couple of students that wanted to come up to the church 3 hours early because they were already tempted to eat.  I’m glad they were honest and am already committed to praying for these guys.  I’ll tell you how everything went when we come out of this experience.


One response to “Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

  • zobbyshark

    Bob, if you were to ask the kids to raise money for a well in a village in Africa and ask them to meet bi-weekly to pray, which would they do more readily? Isn’t it funny how project oriented our American thinking is – how hard it is to birth a sustained passion for these types of things? Why do Americans (myself included) seem to prefer this? For me, I think it is because I have lost a picture of the beauty of interdependence (said as if I ever owned that picture). Shared burdens bless not only the one in need, but those who find meaning in their lives by giving. I pray God would bless this time of dedication and commitment and that He’d use it to build a community disciplined to always seeking God’s heart of bearing one another’s burdens. – DC

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