The Trouble with Light Bulbs

a poem from Adam.

The Trouble with Light Bulbs


The trouble with light bulbs is not the frail

Filament, so easily shaken loose

From its rifle-ready post,

Nor the time taken to hear the electric call.


The pools of yellow light seem as eager to fall

As a stream swollen tight against

A floodgate wall, and the coils of tungsten

Burn longer than an oil fire’s black exhale.


The trouble with electric lights

Is that the day can be purchased, the hour

Lengthened, until the frightened child no longer

Fears the candle wick’s last gift of smoky sight.


We have forgotten that the gray glow of dawn

Is drawn out (like sweat to the cotton shirt)

By the activity of morning work,

And pay, instead, for sunsets on postcards.



3 responses to “The Trouble with Light Bulbs

  • Bobby

    one of your best good friend. as i’ve slowly drifted away from my love affair with poetry, i’ve learned that I still appreciate when something is written simple and meaningful. nice work.

  • Charles

    Adam’s poem is apropos for this season as summer solstice is June 20. For me, this brilliant poem is a gentle reminder to be grateful for these long summer days filled with a sense of wonder and nature’s drawn out “filament.”

  • Zach Dillon

    I think my taste in poetry is similar to my taste for movies. I enjoy anything that stirs my mind towards new creative thougths. I enjoy this most when it is able to take something simple and make it deep. A snapshot of life that is too often overlooked and forgotten brought out with the fresh paint of a spare moment.
    I can’t wait to read the entire portfolio as I thoroughly enjoy entering the snapshots of your mind.

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