Via Little Rock…

bobby posting:

Is there any better feeling than knowing a friend is coming to town?  Especially a friend you haven’t seen in quite some time.  You think about where you’ll take them to eat and the sights you want them to see.  You think about the sweet “hello” hug and try not to think of that sad “goodbye” hug.  Well one of my dear friends is coming to town next week.  I’m not cleaning the house too much (sorry Mom!) or teaching my dog any new tricks (sorry Zeke!), but I did just get a haircut and I’ve been working a little bit more on my tan.  But most importantly, I’m excited about the conversations we’ll have and the time we’ll spend in my backyard throwing a baseball.  Is there any better feeling than knowing a friend is coming to town who’ll play catch with you?  Of course not.  There’s no better feeling.


2 responses to “Via Little Rock…

  • Jen

    i agree, bobby. it makes me giddy just reading your post and instinctively thinking about some of my dear friends and their visits. you devise all these plans to have them experience your favorite places, or places you know they’d appreciate, and activities that are unique to your friendship with them. but, at the heart of it, even if you don’t get to do it all, all you want is to be able to genuinely talk life with your friend and experience their emotions and have them experience yours…in a way that phone calls, emails, and face book messages just cannot convey.

    hmm…looking forward for my next friend to visit me=)

  • Zach Dillon

    I’m filled with feelings of jealousy that this time the friend can not be me. Though it is nice to think that our visits together inspire such warm emotions. I was telling Adam yesterday that of anyone I know of greeting me after months of silence as if we had seen each other yesterday. You know a friendship is genuine when the distance of time has no effect.

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