Sleeping On It

bobby posting:

I’ve been doing a little shopping lately.

That line right there was shocking for me to write. I’ve become a little bit frugal over the past few years (my wife is laughing somewhere…very hard). When I finally do buy something (ON SALE only!) I leave it out overnight with the tags still on it in case I wake up wanting to return it. That seems pretty normal, right? But sometimes that whole “sleeping on it” thing stretches into a couple of nights. Then those nights pile up into a week.  And sometimes that stretches out to a few weeks. At this point Amy usually give me that curious, “Are you serious?” look. So not only have I become cheap…I’ve also become pretty indecisive. Or maybe I was always indecisive and just became cheap. I don’t know…I can’t decide.

Anyway. The past couple of weeks me and the missus have been car shopping. Well I’ve been spending way too much time online car shopping…and the missus has been patiently listening to me wax eloquently about the vast differences between 2.5 models and 2.5i models in Subaru Outbacks. When a guy who wouldn’t buy a $4.99 t-shirt today at Old Navy (that he liked, by the way) because he wasn’t sure if it was worth it goes shopping for vehicles that cost multiple thousands of dollars…it turns into an ordeal! Let’s make that all caps…it turns into an ORDEAL!!!

My wife is on a joy trip to Chicago to visit old friends this weekend. Chi-town is 650 miles away from Arkansas, but I’ve got her looking at cars there to find us deals while she’s on vacation. I found us the one we wanted (for a good price, of course) on a lot there in our old college town. The good news is that we may actually buy the car. If it all works out, I’d fly up sometime soon, pick us up our dream car, and make that long trek back home.

The bad news is that I’d probably leave that annoying Sale Price Sticker on the back right window for the whole ride home. I’d leave it on there for a night or too and then take it off right?  Wrong.  I’d probably hold off a few weeks in case I wanted to drive it several hundred miles back to the lot.

But either way, whether it’s deciding whether to buy it or to keep it, there’s still a lot of “sleeping on it” to be done.


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