A Follow-Up to My Wife…the Ladykiller

bobby posting…sort of:

The following was a comment Adam made on my last post.  It was so lengthy and rich that it deserved to be seen.  Enjoy.

“eso es la verdad. in my time here in NYC, i have had some special moments…the kind of experiences that make you think, well, i could do this for awhile! i don’t need to settle down!

three nights ago, i went to soho to hang out at a little place called “noveciento”. the top floor was barred off, but we were waived upstairs…there at our table, we met up with David Nalbandian, Juan Monaco, and Juan Martin del Potro with coaches and friends. The table held twelve people, and i was the only non-Argentinian. So, we sat down in our private room and watched Argentina win the gold medal, holding our breath at Messi’s footwork and jumping up and down as di Maria clinched the 1-0 victory.

Then yesterday, I was able to spend time with Anabel Medina Garrigues, the silver medalist from this years Olympic doubles, and got to take a picture with the medal around my neck! It was breathtaking just to hold its weight in my hand.

Now, I am cherishing these moments, and holding them in my heart. It is a unique opportunity for me to encounter so many cultures and so many interesting people, and I am doing everything i can to keep from taking it for granted.

But I would give all of that, instantly, to play catch in my backyard with a woman like Amy. Hopefully this woman would not enjoy Tuna, but she would be constantly surprising while always remaining loyal. Amy is somehow able to balance being an interesting and evolving person, while never forgetting who she loves and why she loves him (that’s you, bobs.) Giving up these experiences on the road to play catch in the backyard with a woman like that, it would not be a sacrifice…”


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