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adam posting:

so, after promising a poem a day last week, the internet in my hotel room went out, and i did not manage a single post the rest of the week. i am finally back in the office after my 18-day trip, and with a manageable internet connection at hand, the ‘poem a day’ schedule continues…

i have been thinking often of priorities, how to order one’s life, and have realized that the way i live my life does not at all match my value system. so, my focus this morning as i begin my workweek is to pour time and energy into deserving recipients.

my highest priority is to live a life of love. as i understand 1 timothy, we can’t live a life of love without a pure heart, a good conscience, and a secure faith. so, the questions i am asking myself this morning are, what am I doing to purify my heart? how am I protecting the good of my conscience? is my faith secure?

i have failed miserably to live up to the standards those questions raise. to confess, in the last few months i have not at all been growing toward a life of love. because my priorities have been so out of order, i have been constantly chasing after rewards which will die along with me. what a dissatisfying way to live life!

this poem, from Mary Oliver, shows the satisfying simplicity of another kind of life.

In Praise of Craziness of a Certain Kind

By Mary Oliver

On cold evenings
my grandmother,
with ownership of half her mind —
the other half having flown back to Bohemia —

spread newspapers over the porch floor
so, she said, the garden ants could crawl beneath,
as under a blanket, and keep warm,

and what shall I wish for, for myself,
but, being so struck by the lightning of years,
to be like her with what is left, that loving.


One response to “poem to start your week

  • Charles

    Ahh, your comments reveal the teacher (again). Nothing is going to stop it! You have a legacy as a teacher/coach. Keep understanding so others can understand. And thanks for sharing the poems.

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