tees tease

bobby posting:

nothing heady to post here.  just wanted to pass along a little t-shirt site i came across a couple of months ago that has me wanting to shell out 25 bones for every shirt they sell!  maybe they’ll find my free advertisement here and send me a box of assorted shirts (i wear a MARGE just so you know).  anyway, here’s some info about the place and the link is below at the end:

“T-shirts from your favorite local establishments can be some of your most valuable treasures. Just ask our founder about his t-shirt collecting past. “Stockpiling local, vintage t-shirts has been my hobby since I was a kid, though admittedly, I never really thought about why way back then. As an adult, collecting local t-shirts has brought my attention to the way corporate branding has affected the places I love, often stealing the focus away from the independent businesses that have historically defined our rich, local cultures. So now more than ever, I appreciate wearing t-shirts that show support for the independent businesses I want to patronize.”

Seeking to attract kindred spirits, Destee-Nation’s Expedition is on a perpetual road-trip seeking awesome, vintage t-shirts from the coolest locally-owned and operated businesses. With our trusty Nikons in hand, we capture images from these places to accompany the written story that is displayed with each t-shirt we sell.

Destee-Nation’s staff has all the earmarkings of a quasi-cult in formation. We all love what we do. If we can play our part in preserving the culture provided by these local establishments, maybe even help keep the big box brands one-step further from taking over our communities, and get a bunch of cool t-shirts along the way, well that’s just fine by us.”



One response to “tees tease

  • Zach Dillon

    No question, I want a shirt. Let me know if they send you a shmedium instead of marge. I also fear, however, that places like Urban Outfiters have popularized these types of shirts so much that those actually capturing local pride will be lost. If so, we can cut them all up and turn them into a pair of sweatpants that will put by gap sweats to shame.

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