the breakfast buffet

bobby posting:

Here’s a few links to check out in your morning “blogoskim” ***.  Every now and then I think it’ll be good to re-direct you to the things we read.  Pick and choose and bring on the comments.

The first two sites are where I always start my day.  Like drinking chocolate milk, there’s nothing too substantial, but it always tastes good.

1 – I always check out relevant magazine’s site to get my day going.  Now be sure, there is plenty of insightful discussion going on here about faith and “progressive culture”.  There’s posts on the kind of films and music I’m interested in.  There’s great writing from people my age writing about the stuff people my age face in their faith.  But what I love is the little slices bar on the right side of the page.  It’s just little “slices” of the news…and when I’m lazy, it’s my quick source for what’s going on.

2 – pure web candy.  not really wholesome or edifying.  but fun.  pure, wish list-making fun.  they call themselves the “ultimate buyer’s guide for men”!  there’s also one for the ladies too.  so if you’re ever looking for things to buy the missus, check this one out.

Now on to the main course.

3 – I just came across this guy’s blog the other day and have found it to be pretty solid.  I don’t always agree with everything, but it’s always interesting.  This posting looks as if it’s about homosexuality, but I think the meat of it has its heart in the realtionsips between men in general.  Thought provoking.

4 – If someone you respect a whole lot is really into something, then you surely become really into that same something…at least to check it out.  Well check this site out when you get a chance because it is a great source for triggering your heart and brain any day of the week.  I appreciated this recent post on politics and faith…a timely topic to say the least.

5 – This post is just to frustrate you.  Actually, according to this Between Two Worlds (a mix of theology, philosophy, politics, and culture) post, it’s supposed to remind us of the importance of clarity.

*** blogoskim – the act of perusing and engaging in light reading of an assortment of blogs.  definition made up by me…amazing term credited to the genius at Between Two Worlds.


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