Consider the Aspens

adam’s post:




Hope you all like my newest poem. Perhaps it will be fitting for some of you with this autumn season. Anyway, who can argue with aspens and lighthouses?


Consider the Aspens


Consider the aspens, an assembly

Of raised hands, clamoring for attention.

Their leaves shiver in papery excitement,

Their shadows ricochet in the joy


Of the unsaid—a crowded synagogue

Hushed in prayer, a herd of animals

Tangled together in winter—

Testing the enormity of silence.


And I too would like to be a lighthouse.

But would you not rather shout from the hills

Out over the sea, sweeping the white waves

With an ever hurrying hand, colliding


Always with the limits of your own reach—

Would you not wish your lamp of silver leaves

To be sharp as a quiver of arrows,

To toss as wildly as an argument,


Or have you too accepted your lifelong post,

To blink from the top of an untouched mountain?




One response to “Consider the Aspens

  • Charles

    I like this poem as I find it challenging. Its filled with metaphors: enormity vs. silence, paper vs. excitement, even shadows vs. ricochet. There are hidden metaphors here, the most conspicuous being community vs. solitude. The poem praises community, assemblies, herds, crowds, and yes, apsens. The poems prods me to “consider” alternatives, other vantage points, to take a wide turn around first base, I mean a really wide turn as you never know what a different angle may bring, what it may stir up, what might be set into motion, and yes, how it may inspire others. The poem is counterintuitive and challenges me to gaze upon what I just walked by. I accept the challenge – maybe I don’t want to be a lighthouse after all!

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