Uh oh…Zach is writing poetry again

The last couple weeks have been very difficult for me. Normally you can tell I am going through a hard time if I am journaling or writing frequently. If I start writing poetry than you know I am crushed and really in need of some prayer. All that being said- here is the poem I wrote before deciding to tell one of my closest friends of my feelings for her and deciding that I needed some time apart. In the moment, it felt like the hardest thing I had ever done, but I believe in a God that restores relationships and I fervently hope that our relationship will one day be even stronger because of this.


Scents of the Soul


Zach Dillon


I sat beside my closest friend and spoke

In depth of daily moments spent alone

And learned with wonder how it felt to joke

And laugh with one who understood the tone


Of misspoken words, but each hour was spent

In fear that seeing her that day had raised

My hope on tope the crested wave that met

The jagged rocks with force. Below untamed


Emotions rings my song to captivate,

To clarify and motivate, escape

From bars that felt like home and win debates

Between my heart and mind. To choose my fate


A luxury unknown to those who dare

To cast their stone beyond the reach of sight.

Yet choice remains of how to fall: to stare

Into defeat and march ahead or type


The simple note “good-bye.” Still I wonder

Which type of man I’ll be. I stand before

The judge and dare to link my eyes with hers

But without hope my soul can breathe no more.


“My brother. Friend. Come up and stay awhile”

These loving words reversed the time it took

This boy to be a man. To ask her why

Impossible, but still I ask and look


Into the emerald eyes for hope, the scent

Of life that feeds the soul until my dreams

Become reality. Rehearsed words meant

To make amends can never heal the themes


Of stories told in passion. ‘Look again

At me,’ I plead, ‘and see the man and not

The friend.‘ I see the future now and then

Less clearly than I hoped: a hiker caught


In mountains late at night with nothing left

To guide my feet, but crescent moons at flight.

Come fall and stumble down this hill and set

Your hand in mine with opened eyes at night.


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