new poem from adam


Sometimes she falls into him and lets him.
The black hour spreads its great wings
Above herds of animal clouds

And the green iridescent moon
Flickers from behind the trees
Like the eye of an unseen beast.

She too trembles like the night,
Betrayed by her body once more.


2 responses to “new poem from adam

  • Charles

    Woah! This poem is wrapped in mystery with no help from the title. Its resolution is hidden by the night or the black hour – by mystery. The title, the moon, the beast, and the poem itself is shrouded in what is not known; leaving our imaginations to solve this riddle. It comes from a man who doesn’t need to wear it on his sleeve. Though the revealed words do beckon a conversation with the author – who is not a shallow soul.

  • Zach Dillon

    At first glance I thought the poem had some darkness to it due to some of the imagery: black hour, unseen beast, the bodies betrayel. I then tried to enter into the imagery and saw a world of innocence: young lovers at night pointing to various clouds. The dichotomy works very well for such a setting is filled with both danger and excitement, innocence and exploration. I really enjoyed the depth and the ability to feel a poem before I could understand it.

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