Response to What to do with Words?

I Read your inspirational article and am in complete agreement. How do we soak in such beautiful writing? As I was reflecting on how to squeeze as much out of the writing as possible I turned to the end of his article where he discusses that the essence of Christianity is the lack of understanding that brings on child like wonder. Whether words or art, I fear, if we truly soak it in would we fully understand? If we fully understand will it no longer bring wonder? Is our appreciation therefore limited? This is heavy thinking for my afternoon lunch break.

I thank God that we will never fully understand him. I am gratefull that I will never even fully understand myself or the life I am leading. Though completely against my nature, I renounce my attempts to understand, to feel a firm sense of direction, to know what’s next or to even fully know what I am doing now. It appears that fighting our instictual need to understand is the only way to fully experience anything. Bobby, I am excited to sit back and join you in wonder.

The real question is how do we let this sense of wonder protrude into all aspects of our life? This extends from the supernatural (prayer, worship, scriputre etc) to the mundane (work, family, the drive to the market).


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