Snow Ball Jail

Besides speeding tickets, I have really only been in trouble with the law one time.  It started innocently enough, the day after a 10 inch snow fall midway through my Freshman year of college. My room mate was named ‘dirty d’ (a story for another time). We were known through our hall for being trouble makers, but it was always innocent fun-mostly pranks.

On Tuesday’s we were both finished with class by 11am and bored during the afternoon. Boredom often led to our best ideas. We stole one of the hall garbage cans and filled it up with snow. We then spent the next hour throwing snowballs from the fourth floor at anyone we knew.

Shortly, however, we got tired of waiting for people we knew and decided that we were going to let no one pass our sidewalk. **Please note that we made exceptions for small children, the elderly, anyone with crutches, and professors.** Most people found this hilarious and would stop to try to throw snow balls back. One young graduate student did not think it was very funny. After a near miss, he began to scream at us for a solid 15 minutes. We quickly closed the curtains, turned out the lights and went to burger king for a couple whoppers (disgusting, but cheap when you have a 2 for 1 coupon).

I felt bad and let my conscience get the better of me. I was only doing this to have fun, but it isn’t worth it people are getting mad. Blah. Blah. Blah. This line of reasoning lasted two days. Why should I let him ruin my fun? Everyone else thought it was hilarious. We made plans for the grand opening- two garbage cans of snow from two adjacent rooms and four open windows. I received the honor of making the first throw. As fate would have it, that snow ball ended up hitting the very same kid from three days ago. He turned and began yelling at our fourth floor windows. Close the curtains, hit the lights, off to burger king (I had a lot of 2 for 1 coupons). I came back later to find a note from the police on my neighbors door: Call me tonight or I am coming down and taking you away in handcuffs. Clearly this was a bluff, but I couldn’t let my neighbor take the fall. Dirty D, having had more experience with the police, thought I was an idiot. You say nothing. It is obviously a bluff. They can’t do anything unless you say something. Don’t be an idiot! Once again, my morals got the best of me and I called to take the fall. The guy wanted to press assault charges unless I called and apologized. I am not joking when I tell you that I called and he told me the snowball could have hit his glasses and poked his eyes out. I thought that was just a story that parents told kids until they got older- like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. 

I write this story up today because my old neighbor, who I couldn’t let take the fall with the cops, sent me this article ( )   about another college  snowball incident involving the police. I guess I got lucky I didn’t get pepper sprayed.


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