new poem from adam

this post comes from my reflection on the australian open final between roger federer and rafael nadal. it is about how sports brings an audience into experience…and it is about how the driveway game of horse and the grand slam final, when brought to a moment of purity and gravity, become one. love you guys, adam.

the window in the spare bedroom

it reminded me of the night

we hung the fluorescent floodlight

above the garage, extension cords

tangled on the cement floor,

a left-open paper box of nails,

our father’s ladder straddling still-

here in the January summer of Melbourne,

witnessing this back and forth

tug-of-war, the crowd breathing as one-

sighing, shouting from a single tongue,

frightened into a buzz of delight-

as if gathered ‘round a boyhood street fight.

and it was only then that I could understand

my mother’s expression as her hand

would find the frozen windowpane,

my own fingers tingling as the boys played

like someone had left on the garage light-

beautifully, without fear.


2 responses to “new poem from adam

  • Charles

    I love the poem as sports, including tennis, played a cherished part of my youth. Oh the innocent days when my brother and I would shovel March snows from the high school tennis court in order to jump start spring; or when I and neighborhood friends would play 16″ softball on our home town street. We mocked the passing cars as they drove across our field of dreams. Thank you for conjuring up memories through your poetry. Adam, your childlike wonder, pure sensitivity, and keen understanding are all revealed in this poem. You see what others miss, and then graciously invite us to gaze on what we somehow knew was there – “beautifully, without fear.”

  • Brett

    I’m loving ’em buddy. Keep ’em coming.

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