Shameless Self Promotion

playing at my sister's wedding

playing at my sister's wedding

bobby posting:

About a month ago, a friend of mine told me he had some quality recording equipment and that I should come by and record some music at his house sometime.  I told him I’d written several songs over the years, but never anything at all that I actually liked.  I wrote a lot of moody, depressing, soundtrack-to-the-film-of-your-tormented-soul kind of music that somehow didn’t drive my girlfriend, and eventually my wife, away.  But that night, something changed.

It wasn’t easy.  I went home and picked up the old guit-box and hammered away for a while, getting absolutely nowhere.  Same old take-a-prozac-and-sit-back kind of music as always.  Wanted to beat my head in and give up.  But instead, I did something I never really do.  I looked around the internet for the music of a few of my favorite artists.  I played their music for a bit to find some inspiration.  I took note of how they put chords and words and melodies and meaning together.  And then, I put it all away and took a deep breath.  Somehow my hands took over and a few words came together and before I knew it I was on the path to a song that I’d actually listen to.  Thus, the song “Trains and Planes” was born.

A week before, I’d been hanging out with one of my friends and his father.  While watching an old history or discovery channel piece on trains, he sort of sighed that he’d always wanted to be a train conductor.  He had a little sense of longing and regret and said he’d always played with toy trains growing up.  Now he was just in a normal steady paycheck kind of job and had never gotten on that train.  So I wrote the first song of my new songwriting life for him.  Within a few weeks, 15 other songs had found their way into my arsenal.  I’m not hoping to quit my day job, rent a big beat-up bus, and find myself in a great moment of reconciliation over an Elton John song or anything…I just want to play some shows, record a little album of my own, and keep writing songs that I enjoy.

Here’s the link:

Let me know what you think.  It is a bit of shameless self promotion, but it’s not really all that different than putting up poems, right?  That’s the story I’m sticking to.


One response to “Shameless Self Promotion

  • zdillon

    Trains and Planes is my favorite musically, but I still can’t get over the lyrics of Westerns with my Dad. For now I’m calling it a tie.

    PS I was very disappointed this morning when I went on Pandora and could not create a Bobby Harrison station. I think that is the next marking point of greatness after your first paying gig. Maybe you have to have an official CD first though…Hmmmm.

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