Check That One Off…

bobby posting:

Little Joy – The Next Time Around

One too many goals
The measure of your worth
Can sink your weight in gold
Sat by the ivory sail
The further out you look
The further out you’ll be
It’s not enough to set the curve
With nothing ventured, nothing learned

I woke up at the late hour of 8:30 this morning realizing that I’ve just made a giant “check” on my own bucket list.  For as long as I can remember, music has been a part of me.  I’ve been walking around the house singing bits and pieces of songs to myself since I could walk.  [Quick Amy-esque tangent:  one of the best/worst things about my bride is that she can finish any lyric I throw out there.  So if I just start something and can’t remember the right words that come next (which is always the case) she just picks it up and finishes it for me.  Sometimes it’s really helpful…sometimes it drives me loco!  All the time, though, the two of us together are walking, talking, singing jukeboxes.  I think our dog thinks we’re pretty strange.]  Anyway…the reason I’m giving myself a check is because I played my very first paid gig as a musician last night.  I realize I just lost all street cred as a “musician” by saying earlier that 8:30 am is a late time for me to wake up.  8:30 pm on the other hand…

Sitting here in the quiet morning, with just my dog and some tunes, I am deeply contented.  Not because I think I’ve found my calling as a professional musician and last night’s show affirmed that idea.  But because the possibily of something like last night happening would not have been a remote reality to me a year ago.  It seems ALL of my old high school friends here in Arkansas are musicians.  Good ones at that.  Every weekend is filled with at least a couple of them playing a show somewhere.  I sort of sat in the shadow, every-now-and-then writing a song or two around the house.  But a couple of months ago, I decided to hit the ground running.  I knew playing a real show somewhere with my name on the sign and everything was a little bitty dream in some corner of my heart.  I knew that if I never “ventured”, I’d never “learn”.  More than anything, I wanted to learn one thing about myself:  “Bobby, can you do it?”

This morning, I’m at peace with every musical bone of my body because the answer is a simple, subtle…


What question are you needing to ask yourself?

The further out you look
The further out you’ll be

Look a little bit further out than you’re comfortable with.  That’s the only way you’ll end up actually “being” there.  That’s the only way I got here.


2 responses to “Check That One Off…

  • taylorhall

    i bet it was awesome, wish i couldve been there

  • zdillon

    I can’t tell you how proud I am. Maybe with this time off I will dust off the saxophone enough to go out and perform again. Though music for me has always been more of a solitary thing- a way to shut my brain off and finally find a way to think and feel at the same time. Worship has always been the only way that music is communal.

    PS Amy’s weird talent often drives me loco. I can remember any melody, but I rarely know the words.

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