Nothing changed

Earlier this month, I finally had the chance to visit Bobby and Amy in their new home in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had briefly seen both of them in the past 6 months since God destined their dream car to be in a car lot only 5 miles from my house, which I consider to be evidence of answered prayer (Thanks big guy). This trip was going to be the first extended visit since I bummed on their couch for a couple weeks after college until I got a job. I would finally have a chance to get past the vacation visit stage and into the o’ crap you are still here stage.

So much had changed since my last visit. Bobby and Amy had moved back home. Bobby had replaced his dream of sports journalism with his greater love for youth ministry where he gets to work less than 50 feet from his beautiful wife. They bought their first home and  Bobby his first lawn mower. I had left college, earned a job,  lost a job, gave up the dream of missionary work, developed a passion for social justice and applied for law school, something which only my mother could have predicted.

Luckily, Bobby and I have always had one of those friendships where time and distance seem to have no effect. It immediately felt like we were back in college together. Sarcasm was flying everywhere. Bobby and I joined forces to annoy Amy. Bobby pouted when I finally took Amy’s side. Bobby and I took turns pitching to imaginary hitters in the back seat, though I completely forgot how to throw anything but a fastball, if 55mph counts as fast. Bobby, Adam and Dan will probably point out I never could pitch, but luckily I am the author of my own memory and am dictating otherwise. There were even a few of those deja vu moments: sitting on the couch watching sports center while Amy was making some queso dip; getting bit by Zeke while Bobby pretends to scream for help; and getting cursed out by Bobby for scoring all my points in video game basketball with James Worthy.

I always have a fear when I return to the old, tried and true that my memory has built it up the expectations to a point where it can never be met. It is always the case when I return home to Seattle and go eat at my favorite restaurants that the sandwich I had been craving for months simply isn’t as good as I remember it. This has never been the case with Bobby and Amy. Everything felt exactly the same as if nothing had changed. Sure the scenery had changed and our lives were completely different, but what really mattered had stayed exactly the same.


One response to “Nothing changed

  • Bobby


    Probably the sweetest and most sincere post ever put up on our little project site here. Thank you for your company and please know you’re always welcome no matter where we are or what we’re doing. When you’re not with us, you’re missed.

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