Shout out to the Crossing!!

I have been a part of countless ministry opportunities in my short 8 year life as a Christian, but few would rival my experience with the high school students of Fellowship North in Little Rock Arkansas. I was invited by Bobby to join his youth ministries annual ski trip in Colorado. A week in the rockies with my best friend. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to make a decision. I had little doubt that I would have an amazing time, but I was unprepared for how much I would be impacted spiritually. While working in various ministries I quickly learned that, above all else, our ability to love the people we are ministering to enables God’s spirit to move. Therefore, at the start of the trip, I asked God to break my heart with compassion for the students of Fellowship North. I am still shocked at the strength to, which God answered that prayer. After only one short week I had fallen completely in love with those kids to the point where it was very difficult to leave and I often think about how to come back and visit.

What is it that connected me so strongly to these kids? First of all, I have never seen a youth ministry that loved one another like the crossing. They don’t seem to care about age, gender, or popularity. Everyone hangs out with everyone. Secondly, they frequently demonstrated pure worship without fear of what others might think or say. Most improtantly, God showed up. On the final night of the trip, God’s spirit moved in an incredibly way and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it. God began the healing process against father wounds, broke down the lies of poor self-image, and showed student’s their true worth in God’s eyes. I could not help, but stand and worship god as I saw this incredible emotional healing take place. I was also overwhelmed by the sense of God’s love for these students. The night changed me as much, if not more, than it changed the students. God showed me how natural it felt to be in that setting and I knew that even though God is pushing me towards law school instead of seminary that he will continue to bring me back to this. I also remembered what it is like to be  in awe of God.

Despite the power of that night, what I cherished most was the few days following. I had no ‘holy’ moments, my heart never raced, and I never physically felt the presence of God. Instead, I felt like Moses still glowing from the mountain bush. The love of God that flowed into me that night never left. I continued to hang out with those students, laughing, joking and talking about normal life. Every moment of it, however, had been transformed by what had taken place and now I had a deep bond with each of these students. I hope to visit them again soon and to continue to hear stories as they grow older.


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