Bucket List

Two months ago I watched a very sub par movie called The Bucket List. The concept is these two dying men who try to accomplish a list of their life goals. The movie was not moving at all, but I loved the idea of having a list of life goals and even better the idea of having a group of people dedicated to helping one another achieve them. Bobby, Adam and Dan, I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to help me write a collective bucket list. Some goals can be personal, some can be group goals. Large or small, short term or long term. Doesn’t matter. I am hoping that this bucket list can be a work in progress throughout the coming months or even years.  Here is what I have so far divided between group goals and personal


1) Visit all 7 wonders of the world (Could switch to group if I have any takers)

2) Visit 50+ Countries

3) Become fluent in another language

4) Drive a car over 150mph (Yeah, I have a need for speed)

5) Be best friends with all of my children (You need at least one goal you can never check off)


1) Game of wiffle ball with all of our children and wives

2) Ski trip to Colorado with wives (Addendum by Adam Schaechterle)

3) Have a group reunion at least every 3 years (I would push for every year if I thought it was possible)

If you guys are willing. Than simply add to the list. I also welcome suggestions from our readers.


One response to “Bucket List

  • Bobby

    Zach –

    Great list. Here’s my QUICK response. My own list will be hashed out sometime soon. And when I say, “soon”, I mean “Jesus Soon”…not “Zach Soon”!

    1) I have my own 7 wonders that don’t fall under the same category. Maybe we could combine our lists.
    2) I’d rather visit 15 countries for extended amounts of time than 50 countries in short quick trips.
    3) Amen to that.
    4) And that too. Oh…and I think it’d be better if I drove.
    5) A perfect prayer.
    1) Can we play at that time of day where I actually hit the ball?!
    2) Brilliant!
    3) Again…amen!

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