A Little Slice of Paradise

bobby posting:

I’m in Vancouver this week, taking my first trek through Canada and attending my very first Pastor’s Conference.  I’ve already got the post idea for the latter in my mind (and a title, in fact:  Passion, Privilege, Purpose) and will be throwing that down next go around.  But for now, I need to wax eloquently (hopefully) about this piece of heaven that I’ve been living in for the past two days.

Vancouver is absolutely breathtaking.  I’m talking sensory-overload, have-to-look-away-because-it’s-too-much-to-take-in beautiful.  As far as aesthetics go, this city has everything I love all in one place:

Brilliant, bold mountains…check.

Expansive bodies of water…check.

Untouched forests greener than anything you’ve ever seen…check.

Sweeping skyline and robust city life…check.

Charming restaurants and cozy neighborhoods…double check.

This right here is a 3 minute walk from the place I’m staying:


To the right you see about 1/5ths of the downtown skyline.  To the left sit the beautiful trees of Stanley Park.  Behind are mountains that seem to shoot straight up from the gorgeous blue water, and there along the coast are houses that light up the night like far away Christmas trees.  It’s this fascinating combination of it all that just doesn’t quite make sense.  I literally had to turn and look away.  It was too much to take in at once.

Me and the missus had long ago planned a big trip up Highway 1 for ourselves one day in the near future.  The idea was to hit up California and head up all along the West Coast.  Right now, though, I’m thinking the trip needs to be focused in on only the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle was beyond my expectations.  I’m sure Oregon will steal my heart.  It’s all too good to be true right now.  I hate to say one of the fellow writers on this blog and one of my dear best friends was right about something, but here goes anyway:  Zach, this part of the world really does have something going on.  It certainly is a little slice of paradise.


2 responses to “A Little Slice of Paradise

  • zdillon

    It seems oddly ironic that your first visit to Seattle comes when I am not there. Especially since I invited you to Seattle on a weekly basis for four years straight. Just to let you know, this will only increase my persistence. Plus, I think you were only partially welcomed to the awesomeness that is Seattle because you had a limited amount of time and did not have me as a tour guide. You did not get to hit in my friends backyard batting cage, walk a dog around green lake, canoe in the Seattle slough, drive across I-90, bask under the seattle night time skyline on top of Queen Anne hill or from my parent’s jacuzzi. You did not eat the most amazing toasted sub of your life or hear the train while watching the Mariners at Safeco field. Does this or does this not have the feeling of the next great Dr. Seuss novel?

    I am sticking to our original plan of moving all of the people from the south to the great Northwest in order to get the best of both worlds. Plus, I am not sure the south could handle my mother’s wrath if I end up living somewhere other than Seattle. Don’t play with fire.

  • alison

    and the berries, zach. it does not count until you’ve been there during berry season!


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