Passion, Purpose, and Privilege


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The Cloud Hymn– Wide

It’s 9:30pm here in Canada and the sky is just now beginning to shut its eyes for the night.  Me and my great friend and partner in ministry have just finished out a week of an amazing conference in Vancouver on “The Pastor as Preacher.”  Before heading back to real life, we’ve made the visually stunning 2-hour drive up north to Whistler.  The two of us will catch the very, very end of the ski season for a couple of beauitful, sunny days here in the upper echelons of North America.  I’m lying in a bed here that would’ve taken up my entire freshman year dorm and wondering how in the world I got here.

About a year and a half ago, I began seriously, seriously considering a jump into full-time ministry.  After prayer and petition, I finally made the jump and have yet to really look back.  It’s been fast and furioius and pedal to the metal since the day I swore in and I don’t have a complaint in the world.  In fact, I have the opposite.  After a week of doing nothing but focusing in on my role in ministry and my future within this vocation I’ve come away with these three alliterative points:

1 / PASSION– Ask me again in a couple years when that 3-year itch of ministry begins to really hit, but right here and now, I’m more passionate about my calling than I’ve ever been.  I have a renewed love and joy for what I do and honestly can’t wait to be back in the mix of teaching and leading and loving and learning.

2 / PURPOSE – Never before have I felt so sure about what I’m supposed to be doing than I about right now.  There is nothing better than in the world than the utmost confidence that you are right where God wants you.  While living in Kentucky, my prayer for my future wasn’t for fortune and fame and power and prestige…it was simply to one day feel like I’m right in the center of God’s will.  I promise you my friends, the grass is greener over here.  Go and see for yourselves.

3 / PRIVILEGE – This is the one I’ve been struck with the most this week.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect with Seattle and Vancouver and now Whistler.  Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t have great expectations, or maybe it’s the fact that God did something a little extra with this section of the globe, but you can’t spend a second outside here without acknowledging his heavenly hand.  These mountains that stand with their chests puffed out like those photographs of your grandfather as a young, strong man, that blue sky that flirts ever so often behind it’s gorgeous, grey veil, that sun that stops in just long enough to make its presence known among every seeing eye…I have felt nothing but humility and honor to be walking and talking and living and learning where I am right now.  I have experienced nothing but grace to be a little part of God’s greater story.

From singing as loudly as possible in a room full of pastors (and still not being able to hear my voice) to walking beneath one of the most striking mountains to ever stretch upwards, to being tucked away in a dim room with a king bed and 1000 count sheets, I can only respond with graciousness and gratitude.  May you too know passion, purpose, and privilege…and may you too have a little idea of where it came from.


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