Capturing moments of life

I finally took Bobby’s advice and began looking at the musical websites he suggested (see blog post below). The video of Jason Mraz jamming with an old crippled street performer made me incredibly reflective. The video reminded me of the importance of being captivated by single moments. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to find these moments for myself. To keep my eyes open for moments where I can truly connect with a complete stranger or reflect on some universal human truth stemming from the most unlikely of sources. 

This summer I am planning a trip through Europe. Originally the trip was going to be 2+ months of me living out of a backpack, knocking on doors and asking for a place to stay, meeting strangers and traveling to random countries.  I think this is still an experience worthy of adding to my bucket list (see blog post below), but time and money are short. Now I am spending a 10 days in Turkey with my Mother and sister, a week in Israel/Jordan by myself and 10 days in Amstradam, Ireland and Scotland with my Dad. I want to see some of the grand historical sites and experience the culture and people. More than anything, however, I want to have those small moments where people are able to break through cultural barriers and truly connect. I want to be in a bar during a local football (match) and go crazy with local fans. I want to grab meals with fellow travelers and hear stories of how and why we ended up in the same place. In Israel, I want to hear stories of people’s connections to such a spiritually rich land. I want to strike up conversations at a local cafe and join tables. 

I am really not sure of how to make any of this happen. In fact, I think it might be ruined if I did. Instead I think it is a change in lifestyle. I desire to move away from the uniform routine version of life. To always opt for the new and different over the old and true and accept that the new and different will often be less enjoyable, but every once in a while it will be amazing.


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