Here is the first collaborative post on Via Chicago compliments of Bobby, Dan, Amy and Zach. We have spent the last week in nostalgic bliss in what we have labeled as the ‘warm-up’ reunion. Unfortunately, the only thing missing happened to be the most important: Adam. We miss you bud and hope you are enjoying France (as if it could hold a candle to North Little Rock, Arkansas?!?)  We are going to do our best to fill him in on all he missed by listing the top 10 memories of the week.  Here’s the music to get you in the mood…

M. Ward Never Had Nobody Like You

10 / Damgoode Pies and Dan’s Margaritas – Listen, the four of us spent significant amount of time in Chicago.  We’ve had plenty of deep dish pizza.  Yet somehow, this little Little Rock pizza joint makes it way better than the Chi Town boys ever could.  Also…Zach showed us why Parmesan cheese jars have lids that unscrew. Giddy up, cheese monster! (DClark felt like he had Giardia in Afghanistan again  the next morning.  I’m guessing that’s some sort of sad sickness that inclines one to read 3 magazines at a time while sitting on a certain porcelain chair.)  Luckily D Clark’s Passion Punch came thru in the clutch to settle everything back down.  Or did it…

9 / Damn good Food! – For some unknown reason, Little Rock is home to some of the most amazing restaurants. We all spent about half of the week in various food comas taking siestas on Bobby and Amy’s over sized couch. We also got our favorite Amy dishes: Queso, Enchiladas and the best home made salsa we have ever had. Lastly, we had the amazing privilege of having Wednesday dinner at the Chino’s. If you have never had the opportunity to try Alison’s cooking than you should do whatever it takes to get invited over: offer free baby sitting, beg, send bribes etc. We promise it is worth it.

8 / Pranay Argarwal – Who knew Daniel’s freshman year Indian roommate got invited to the reunion?  Well…at least our best efforts at his amazing accent made the trip!  Dan, you like your brown friend again? That is one impression that will never die.

7 / Trivia – We were planning on heading to the minor league ballpark where Bobby’s dad did play-by-play while little Bobby was just a boy, but there was a massive southern thunderstorm that caused us to look indoors for shelter.  We ended up at a local bar’s trivia night, where our team showed up halfway into round one, but still managed to barely miss out first place on the entire night by only one wrong question!  Great times to put great minds to use.  College may have been years ago, but the brains are still sharp!

6 / Bobby’s Show – Bobby’s second performance as a professional musician included an obsessive screaming fan, his mom’s plea for him to enter American Idol and a packed out cafe.  Oh…and the chance for a few people to say “I was there before he made it big…”

5 / High School Friends – Coming back to visit our friends from the Crossing had many highlights: chilling with Michael Hall at Bobby’s show, Blocking Dillon’s shot repeatedly in basketball, watching Bobby drop some knowledge on them at Wednesday night service and hanging out during lunch, video games with Hayden (Zach dominated!) and some one-on-one time with Big Phil. It also included the very sweet, but sad moment of saying good bye to our good friend Jose. We will miss you!

4 / Zeke shows Bobby who is Alpha– As Bobby began to wrestle with his dog Zeke, he got a nuzzle and a lick in response. Pinned underneath, Bobby gave up the fight. Zeke responded with a pole to pole display of dominance.

3 / Pingus Pong – Four years ago, Dan and Bob collaborated to create one of the greatest sports known to man: Pingus Pong. As the name suggests it is a mixture of ping pong and tennis. Dan ‘the beast’ Clark dominated this years competition with a nearly undefeated record. Bobby endured a healthy dose of frustration. Zach faked a shoulder injury and took a nap.

2 / Front Yard Wiffle Ball – Bob’s front yard.  Old beat up wiffle balls.  Some small trees serving as Wrigley’s Ivy or Fenyway’s monster.  Having to stop for cars coming down the street.  Game on.  

IMG_17391 / Home run derby- A sunny Friday Afternoon, a bucket of balls, a couple wooden bats fortradition’s sake and a metal bat for distance. We even had Zeke nearby to finish off the recipe for the sequel to the Sandlot. The contest ended when Zach broke an aluminum bat in half the first swing after his one and only home run. **Bobby can now expect a new bat from Wilson for his birthday next week**

Something special happens whenever all of us come together: we are reminded of how blessed we are that God has a greater purpose for our collective lives. I am completely and utterly convinced that God brought us together for a purpose and will continue to use us in a way that is greater than any of us on our own. This post is a tribute to our missed friend Adam, to future reunions and to unforgettable memories.


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