Throwing down the gauntlet

zach posting:

I am posting a challenge to my fellow Via Chicago brothers. We have been unsuccessful at getting everyone together for 3 years now and to protect my bucket list goal we need to get a reunion set in the next 6 months. Looking at our calendar, I think we only have one chance: the week of New Years Eve. Below is my first attempt at a legally binding document to ensure this happens.

We, Bobby, Adam, Dan, Amy and Zach, hereby promise to attend the ViaChicago reunion 2009 in body, mind and spirit. The official dates of the reunion will be decided by vote, but Dec 27, 2009 through Jan 7, 2010 are all eligible dates and must be kept open. The official location of the reunion will also be decided by vote. The votes can only be over ruled by health or work considerations as judged by the reunion commissioner, Zach Dillon. Failure to attend the reunion will result in one of the 3 following penalties as chosen by the breaker(s) of the contract.

1) The breaker(s) can purchase plane tickets for the remaining members of the reunion to Jamaica, Italy, or an agreed upon third location. The remaining reunion members will be responsible for all other travel expenses.

2) The breaker(s) may substitute their attendance with daily videos of at least 30 minutes. The breaker(s) must be wearing a dress and in a public location chosen by the reunion commissioner.

3) The breaker(s) can agree to a slap-bet penalty of 5 slaps from each remaining member of the reunion. They can reduce the number of slaps to 2 if they allow them to be doled out at any time without expiration.

Guests can come on this or a subsequent reunion only after they have passed a rigorous audition process that results in a unanimous declaration of their eligibility by the founding reunion members. Exceptions can be granted only by unanimous vote and the reunion will serve as the actual audition. Automatic exceptions are granted to fiance, spouses and girlfriends of over 12 months.

Please sign your agreement in the comment section.


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