Beware of Trees

The other day at my public health rotation in Harlingen, we decided to play some ultimate frisbee after lunch in a big open field next to the University of Texas School of Public Health at Brownsville. My buddy Kuei threw the disc, and like a well-trained dog, I took off after it full speed. Unfamiliar with the surroundings, I was sure to note the cylindrical, metal light poles that posed a significant hazard. Eyes locked on the disc, I sprinted – it was man.

Smack! Ouch!

I felt blood dripping from my chin and examined my bloody knuckles and knees. I had collided full force with a baby tree standing about 10 feet tall.

Congrats, DClark. You’ve performed another act of brilliance!



One response to “Beware of Trees

  • zdillon

    You didn’t follow this up with a trip down a potentially bottomless sewer did you? Question: do you till contend that Ultimate frisbee is not a sport?

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