Slow-mo Weekend

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Stuart Murdoch – Another Saturday

The past two days have been FILLED with one of the rarest things I know:  absolutely nothing.  I’m talking nothing-on-the-calendar, just-sitting-around-the-house-and-backyard kind of days.

reading_outsideThe highlight of yesterday:  a wonderful hour or so of reading and napping on a blanket by a fountain here in North Little Rock.  Although I must admit, the idea of reading on a blanket is better than the actual practice of it.  How are you supposed to hold the book without putting undo stress on your neck or arms to read?  I’m thinking there’s got to be some amazing invention yet to be made to solve this problem.  Now napping on a blanket?  That’s a whole different story.  Simply use that little book as a pillow and you’re good to go.

Highlight of today? A stroll across the Big Dam Bridge over the Arkansas River with a couple of dogs and my beautiful wife.  Sitting at the top and looking out at the Natural State.  Getting Shaved Ice on the way home and lounging like a king all day long.

bridge sun

Starting in the next week or so, my summer will begin spinning out of control.  Take a look at my calendar and you’ll become dizzier than Alice in Wonderland.  I have to remember that when I’m sitting in my freshly mowed lawn (oh yeah, cutting the grass was another highlight today).  I have to remind myself that it is absolutely okay to take a day or two and just completely rest in it.  Those days will be few and far between here soon.  Back in college, life was constantly about weighing time and alloting value to work/rest at all times.  Anytime you were just “being”, that  non-stop nagging feeling hung around like a guest that’s worn their welcome (Zach and Daniel, you do not fall under this category!).  That presence is sure to rear it’s head here down South soon as the sweltering season begins to heat up my calendar.  Until then, though, I’m going to finish off the night with a few friends and probably some more couch time.  Oh…and a little toast:

Here’s to sunny slow-mo Saturdays.  May you get a couple in yourself this summer.  And when you do, may you find a way to completely enjoy them in all of their silent, sweeping splendor.


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