On my own…Problems already?!?

I left my mother and sister this morning and ventured on my own to Brugges. Luckily my mom gave a parting gift of 40 euros because the cash machine at the train station rejected my card and the front desk only took Mastercard. My first train was delayed by an hour causing me to miss my connecting train. All in all, I arrived 2 hours behind schedule causing me to miss the last museum and more importantly the tour of the local brewery. Tomorrow is going to have to be a very hectic day now to fit everything in. More concerning is the fact that I have tried 3 other cash machines and a bank that all rejected my card. By the grace of God the Hostel was able to charge my card without problems. Here is to travelling alone in Europe without any money!! Let the adventures begin.


One response to “On my own…Problems already?!?

  • Jen

    zach! oh my goodness! how incredible that you’re in europe! i can just imagine this scenario in my head. looking forward to more stories and pics:)

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