Too Many Dreams, Too Little Time

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The Damnwells – Say

I am a modern day Renaissance Man.  Sounds great, right?  Actually, it’s something I’ve had to come to terms with over the past few years.  Some people have too few hobbies, dreams, ambitions.  I have too many.  Way too many.   It leaves with me just enough desire and talent to be good at several things, but not necessarily great at one.  While some people are born with a God-given gift for one singular subject, I’ve developed a blue-collar work ethic to get myself as close to the mountaintop as possible without having been born right there on the peak.

In a recent long drive home with the missus, we got to talking about our life-long dreams from here on out.  I’m not talking Bucket List material.  These are not places I want to see or things I have to visit.  They’re not even activities or hobbies that I want to do.  They’re more like actual life’s that I want to live within this life.  You’ll see what I’m talking about.  Some of them I want to happen soon, others I’d be fine doing when I’m gray haired and empty nesting.

Here’s my Top Seven and here’s hoping this list doesn’t grow much longer than this:

1 / I want to be a weekly columnist.  Ideally for a newspaper.  I’m in no rush for this one, but I also can’t wait to do it.  A blog is great, but having your own words right there in print that’ll rub off on people’s fingers as they’re eating up your column with their bagel and coffee?  Mmm…that’s good.

2 / I want to record an album and I want to do it right.  As of this moment, I have the resources to record a solo album of original material with just me, a guitar, and a microphone.  But I want to really put together 12 or so solid tracks with a full band.  That may take time, but I believe it will be worth it.

3 / I want to have a talk radio show with my best friend Adam Sobel.  It would be an entertainment/sports hybrid where we could be talking about our hope for more out of movies like “Benjamin Button” one minute while hoping that our kids will get to witness the greatness of Albert Pujols the next.  Pure genius.  “Bob and Adam – The Show”…hitting the airwaves sometime soon.

4 / I want to make a documentary.  I was a part of an amazing little documentary in college called “The Hope and Heartache of Autism”.  It was a wonderful experience.  It left me hungry for more.  I’d love to take cameras over to the orphanage in Kenya that our church is associated with.  I’d love to take those same cameras into the inner city here in Central Arkansas.  Ask the same questions, dive into the answers.

5 / I want to be in a film with Matt Sax.  I’ve posted about Matt before on The Harrisonian. The guy’s a genius and he’s gonna be big one day.  In the movie, I want to be his funny and wise old best friend that he visits when he’s in over his head and needs to talk to somebody about it.  Have somebody give him a laugh or two, maybe a nugget of wisdom while poring over the old times.  I’m thinking maybe 5-10 minutes on screen.  Just enough to have all sorts of famous directors calling and begging for more.

6 / I want to do a joint wedding project with my wife.  She can take all the engagement and ceremony photos.  But I can do something I’ve always wanted to do for a reception or rehearsal dinner.  Everyone does a slideshow, right?  Well I want to interview the bride and groom and their family and friends and do a short 5-10 minute mini-documentary on their story:  where they grew up, how they met, what they love in each other, what their dreams are for the future.  Lots of great music, some videography of their childhood neighborhoods…I’m telling you, I’m sitting on a gold mine here.  Gold mine…

7 / I want to coach a soccer team.  I want to take a group of high school guys and actually lead and teach them.  I want them to see more in themselves and each other than they ever have before.  I want them to believe, but I’m gonna be honest here…I really want them to win too!

That’s it for now.  Make your own list, comment on mine.  Dream big and crazy and often.  Until next time…


4 responses to “Too Many Dreams, Too Little Time

  • adam

    #1) did you want to do this before or after seeing “Marley and Me”?
    #2) i’m waiting with my CD Walkman ready…
    #3) this would be an infinitely better radio show if you hosted albert pujols with his boyhood neighbor, who talked about albert hitting a wiffle ball over the entire garage when no one else could even make it to the driveway. oh wait, i’m plugging my own dream show…
    #4) i’d really like you to add a 3rd documentary to this list: “the non-academic life of t.h. breen”…but seriously, your gifts as a journalist and as an artist and as a noticer of the forgotten detail would be so amazing for the projects you suggest above.
    #5) for future study as you prepare for this role…please see jeremy piven in “serendipity”. genius.
    #6) this is a better idea than the magic bullet. i’m telling you, it would be a-mazing.
    #7) can i be your assistant soccer coach if i let you be my assistant tennis coach?

  • sarabethjones

    you can never have too many dreams. i love all of these!

    remember this from alison’s blog?

    totally the movie and still photography thing, and so cool. love that idea.

    i want to –

    have a part in a real movie. see how it all works.

    do a play – a full run – long enough to live in it for awhile.

    write a book. or maybe just go on a book tour.

    lead trips to amazing places, and lead experiences on those trips that have to do with art and writing and finding beauty

    learn to really sing. then i could do musicals too…

    run a creative company with my husband. i don’t know exactly what we’d do, but we would laugh a whole lot.

    aaaah. thanks! that was fun to think about!

  • zdillon

    The combination of your post and Adam’s reply gave me a wierd flash back of sitting on the couch at 722 Simpson. It was awesome. I especially like the call on Jeremy Piven. As for your goals, I will promise to allow you and Amy to do the joint wedding project for me all you have to do is find the right girl. This last comment is directed towards Amy who is 5 years behind on her promise to find me a beautiful southern bell.

    Lastly, if Adam is the assistant couch is there still a role for me? I am willing to stoop as low as water boy if necessary.

  • adam

    zach can be in charge of ‘ab fitness’ for both teams

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