Chillin with the Pope

So my dream of going to the Vatican and getting the pope to split a bottle of wine with me didn’t quite pan out, but Rome has still been unbelievable. I am guessing that I am averaging 10-15 miles a day of walking and have seen more in 3 days than most see in a week. The best part by far has been meeting all of the fellow travelers and swapping stories of different countries. There really is something about being completely on your own that forces you to step out of your comfort zone. I already feel as if I am more confident. Here are the top three highlights of my trip so far.

– Meeting Rhea in Belgium and having my first real conversation since I left my mom and sister a couple days earlier. For an extrovert like myself, it was water to the soul.

– Breaking the rules of all taboo subjects and discussing Religion, politics and everything in between with my Rome travel partners Nick and Bilyana. Oh and eating oranges out of Julius Cesar’s personal garden (don’t turn me into Italian authorities)

– Emptying the hostel bar by convincing everyone to join me for a quest to find a back alley jazz club.   The music didn’t hold up to Chicago standards, but the atmosphere and the entire journey was some of the most fun I have had in a long time.

One more day in Rome and then my Dad and I take Scotland by storm. I am especially looking forward to my Dad mocking me about how to drink a Guiness ‘like a real Irish man.’ No sipping for me I guess…


3 responses to “Chillin with the Pope

  • zdillon

    Editor’s note: Within one hour of arriving in Scotland my dad chugged half of his beer at dinner and exclaimed `that is how the Irish drink beer.` Nothing is better than a good call out.

  • Charles

    You are missed here in Chicago and spoken about often. There’s definitely a void here without Zach around. You will return wiser, with more rich life experiences to share. This trip proves the world beckons you – a mere dress rehearsal of what is yet to come.

  • adam

    the bbq yesterday at our place wasn’t the same without you, bro. you are definitely missed.

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