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Happy Wilco Day!

Happy Wilco Day!

Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett – Via Chicago (Live)

At the turn of this century I stumbled across a little band named Wilco.  I’d read in Rolling Stone that their newest album would change my life.  After the first listen, I chose to politely disagree.  But then something strange happened.  I felt a strong urge to listen to it again.  My original take was now a little shaky.  Finally, third time through, I was hooked.  I’d never had the experience before.  Before that, I consumed music like soda pop and pop rocks.  It was all tasty and sparkly and sweet, but never substantial.  Wilco led me into a deeper appreciation for albums as a whole body of work…kind of like going from Orange Crush to Red Wine.  Of course I then purchased the band’s entire catalog of music and constantly made excuses to make trips in the car so I could dive into yet another piece of Wilco history.  And the rest is just that…history.

Today Wilco’s newsest is here.  Wilco (the album) hits the shelves and I’m already giving it my first spin here in the office.  It feels like walking down a long road back home.  I can see the porch light on and see my wife on a porch swing.  Hope you have a band that makes you feel that way.  Haven’t made it all the way through yet, but so far, “Solitaire” is my favorite.

Oh…and the song you’re probably listenting to right now is a stripped down version of an old favorite.  As you guessed, it’s where the name of this old blog comes from.  Enjoy it and enjoy some new music from America’s band.  If you’re not into having your music on little plastic discs anymore, just head over to and stream the whole thing once for free.


4 responses to “Via…Wilco

  • adam

    i am sooooooo excited to purchase this album, along with the new pete yorn, and i have planned a road trip with kristin for the 4th of july weekend.

    coincidence? i think not.

  • zdillon

    Love the visualization of a long road back home where you can see the porch light on and your wife on the porch swing. I believe you just figured out the album art for your first cd…

  • Charles

    I’d like to pay my respects to Wilco’s Jay Bennett, who Bobby credited along with Jeff Tweedy to begin his interesting post. Jay died tragically of an accidental overdose in May of this year in Urbana, Illinois. I went to school with Jay from grade school through college. Unfortunately, I never knew Jay well, though my faded memories are of a sensitive, kind and creative young man. Jay is credited as being crucial to Wilco’s mainstream success (see: I feel a loss, not only at Jay’s passing, but that I never truly knew this creative soul who was always right there next to me during my entire youth. How many times did we stand in line at the water fountain in grade school, wrestle each other in junior high gym class, or compare each other’s paintings in high school art class? Oblivion has left me with more questions than answers. Now I wonder, how often do I miss beauty standing right at my side? Jay, thanks for leaving the music as a memory of your kind spirit.

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