Christmas Framed

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Sufjan Stevens – Once in Royal David’s City

Short post, big question.  Our church has been in this incredible series this December:  “Christmas Framed”.  The idea is that we all frame Christmas.  We put whatever’s really in our heart smack in the middle of that frame and allow it to be our focus this time of year.

Week One we walked thru Luke’s telling of the story and laid out all that Christ brings to us:  hope, joy, salvation, peace.  Will you let down your guard, take up your Cross, receive and give yourself?  Week Two we walked thru John 1.  “The Word became Flesh.”  Christ came and “is come”.  How are we going to respond with the way that we celebrate?  Will we “buy” in to the lie or fall into the Light?  Week Three we walked thru Matthew’s telling.  In the middle of this story, in the middle of fulfilling The Story, Christ came to fulfill Your Story.  He came to be the focus of your narrative.  Will  you let Him walk with you right in the middle of where your feet are taking you?

My question to you is “How have you framed Christmas this year?”  What has been your focus?  Buying, busyness, fear, family, gifts, giving, hope, heartache, the lie, The Light, presents, Presence, thanksgiving, thoughtfulness, wandering, Wonder, Yearning, you?  We are ten days away.  Plenty of time to reflect, receive, react and respond.


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