Does anything good happen after 2am?


Josh Ritter: Wolves (The Animal Years)

Zach Posting:

There is a old saying popularized by the tv show How I Met Your Mother, “Nothing good ever happens after 2am.”

Law school is known for the study hard, party harder mentality. I, however, have never been willing to embrace the lack of sleep that comes with this lifestyle. Therefore, I am the guy that goes with everyone to the bar until midnight. Then I slip out when no one is looking so that I don’t have to explain why I am no longer living with my parents yet have a 12:30 curfew.

The following day I always get the “what happened to you?” followed by a barrage of comments about me being an old man, blah, blah, blah. This is exacerbated by the fact that I hang out with mostly European exchange students. In America, people show up to bars at 10 or 11 and party till 2 or 3. In Europe, they show up at Midnight or later and go until 6am.

Last night, I fulfilled my promise to them that I would stay out until they wanted to go home. After finally crawling into bed at 5:30am, I wonder: “Does anything good happen after 2am?”

I honestly don’t understand the hype. My ears are ringing and I have a terrible headache because of really bad techno. As a side note, dancing to techno sucks. I will make no argument about why because it just isn’t needed. The good news for most, however, is that it is perfectly geared for people with no natural rhythm.

Secondly, my voice was so harsh by the end of the night it sounded like I was going through puberty for the second time. Third, I have never been bumped into my so many drunk people in my life. I personally don’t think, dodging spilled beer needs to become a talent of mine. Lastly, I couldn’t even sleep in this morning so I am still exhausted, have a headache, and a soar throat. Now I know why everyone out there is drunk, it is the only way to hide the fact that it really isn’t that much fun.

New Plan: If people want me to hang out past 2am, it will involve a beach/lake, the stars, a bottle of wine, music (preferably blasting from an old beat up jeep wrangler) and in an ideal world (a bonfire). Then at least you enter the new day by seeing the sun rise.

Who is with me???


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