Looks of Love

Zach Posting:

[Audio http://moreofhim.net/music/sweetillumination.mp3%5D

Sweet Illumination by Shane Bernard

It seems like 90% of all music, poems and art of any kind is about love. Many of these describe the gaze of lovers and how they new in an instant that they were in love. I have never been in love so these words, though beautiful, often fall to the ground with little understanding. Almost everything I know about love has come from either my parents or by watching my dear friend, and fellow blog writer, Bobby. Simply put, he adores his wife. Although they have only been married for 4 years, they have been best friends for 10. They know each other so well that they can have a non-verbal communication across the room without any of us being able to understand. When I see them look at one another I begin to understand what all those famous quotes had failed to communicate. They have a deep need inside of them to put the hopes, happiness and desires of the other before their own.

Today, they enter a new chapter together as parents. Abe is 9 pounds 7 ounces, healthy and completely loved.

I look into Amy’s eyes and see an undying godly thankfulness for her son. I look into Bobby’s eyes and see pure joy. Abe, you could not have asked for two better looks of love from your parents. Knowing the love of my parents, I am sure they had the same look on their faces 24 years ago.

I am so grateful to Bobby and Amy for everything they have taught me about love and look forward to learning about parenthood. I still blame Amy, however, for my ridiculously high standard of women because somehowthey have to compare with the beautiful woman in the photo above, shedding tears of joy over her child.

Please join me in praying for them as they enter this new part of life.

Lord, we praise you for your blessing. Thank you for the healthy birth of Amy and Bobby’s son Abraham. We praise you for the incredible amount of love that you have instilled in them. We pray that Abe can grow up never questioning and never forgetting this love. May he become a man that follows recklessly after your heart, a man of adventure and boldness that never fears, a man of truth and wisdom who loves deeply. Lord, be with Bobby and Amy as they learn how to be parents. Strengthen them over sleepless nights and give them confidence that they their love is more than enough. Amen.


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