Oh the (everyday) Agony!

bobby posting:

Do you have any certain, unbelievably ridiculous things that kind of (stupidly) annoy you in your daily life?  Here’s a few of mine…in all of their idiocy:

1 / I hate drying off after a shower.  I just want to step into that automatic dryer machine that George Jetson had.  When’s that coming out?  Probably as soon as Marty McFly’s hoverboard does…

2 / I dread unplugging my power cord for the laptop when I pack it up to take it places.  I hate having to reach down onto the floor or under a desk or couch to grab it, wrap it up, store it in my bag, and then rinse and repeat when I get somewhere else.

3 / I have a hard time letting the microwave completely finish it’s job.  I always have to slap my hand to keep it from popping the door open with five seconds remaining.  Really…what’s five more seconds?

Yep.  I’m an idiot.  All right…your turn.  Help me feel normal.  At least, more normal.


6 responses to “Oh the (everyday) Agony!

  • sarabethjones

    SO with you on the power cord.

  • Charles

    I wear (nearly always) my seat belt while driving. But, the older I get the less I like fastening that darn seat belt. I’m 46, and I have been driving for 30 years now, almost every day, so that’s about 30 years X 365 days I’ve put that seat belt on and 30 years X 365 days I’ve never needed it (thankfully) even one time. That’s 10,950 times I’ve fastened my seat belt and 10,950 times I did not need to fasten my seat belt. Well, I guess fastening one’s seat belt did become law in Illinois some years back so one could argue for a portion of the 10,950 times I needed (by law) to fasten my seat belt. Let’s say (God willing), I drive 30 more years; that means I will have to put that seat belt on 10,950 (30 years X 365 days) more times before I die or stop driving, which ever comes first. Add that total to the 10,950 times I’ve already fastened my seat belt and the total would be 21,900 fastens. Statistically, I’m half way there in terms of the number of times I need to fasten my seat belt in my life. Let’s say it takes me two seconds to put on my seat belt each day: Two seconds time 21,900 lifetime fastens equals 43,800 seconds or 730 minutes or 12.17 hours of my life I’ll never get back. 12.17 hours is a nearly a full waking day. I will have lost nearly one full waking day of my life fastening my seat belt over 21,900 times. Can you imagine doing all of them in a single day – now that would be a bad dream. And let’s say it takes me one second to unfasten my seat belt each time, then I need to deduct an additional 6 hours from productive time in my life.

    However, I will continue to fasten my seat belt – oh the (everyday) agony!

  • Bobby

    Charles –


    – bobby

  • zdillon

    My largest daily pet peeve is when the sound of my alarm works its way into my dreams. I find this to be a very discomforting and unwelcome experience.

    I also hate faulty/slow internet connections. This is probably more a sense of entitlement, however, as I used to have a dial up connection and made due just fine.

  • Jen

    hello there, bobby:) it was fun running into you at the theology conference. but, about your post–i think this is ridiculously funny and true. i too am absolutely annoyed by all those scenarios that i find myself in…especially the ever painful, reaching down, and unplugging that power cord. who enjoys doing that? clearly, we don’t.

  • zdillon

    I am less annoyed by the unplugging of the power cord as I am by having to neatly wrap the chord. It is like taking down christmas lights every year. Worst of all, it ends up getting tangled up in my bag anyways so why bother?

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