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The Duke & The King – Shine on You

I came home from work yesterday, put my son down for a nap, and headed to the bedroom to lie down with a new book.  It’d been some time since I actually sat down and read for my own simple self.  I’ve been trucking through the Bible in a year…and I suppose that’s for my own benefit.  But if feels much bigger than that at this point.  And it’s not necessarily easy joy reading all the time.  I’m talking to you, Ezekiel!

Anyway, I sat there with good words passing before my eyes like slow cars driving by my house, drivers smiling and waving in slow motion, full of joy and sincerity.  It was nice to be reading again.  But as I lied there on the bed, something even more pleasant began to catch my eye.

The window, a little above me, a little to my right, began to let in a single ray of sunshine.  It’d flicker in and out of the tree standing right outside.  The rays covered and uncovered like my hand over my eyes as I played with my boy earlier.  There was an ebb and flow here that reminded me of Florida’s water at night.  Peaceful.  Dream-like.  Beckoning.

Slowly, I began to set the book aside and position my head at just the right angle to be hit by the light in all of its golden glory.  Sure I’d treasured this moment with this book all day, thinking about it here and there as I sat at my office at work, but there was something simple and transcendent happening right through my window.  This was a rare, precious moment.  Somehow, where my head was lying met up magnificently and divinely with where my window was positioned with where the sun was beaming with where this tree was standing to create something far more beautiful than words could express.  Especially mine.

Within about ten minutes, the light had blossomed to it’s full bloom and began to fade away like crisp, dead leaves falling off late-October trees.  Just like that, it was here and no longer.  I got to thinking…had it been there yesterday?  Would it be there tomorrow?  Was it just one perfect little sublime scene that I was lucky to be a part of?  Or had I found my own secret spot…

I’m wondering now if everyone has a moment in their own house that they’ve yet to find.  Is there a little window of time every day in the space you call home that takes you to a place far away?  I hope you find it.  I hope I found mine.  From 4:15 to 4:30, I’ll be lying on my bed and facing the window to see if it’s really there.  Search for yours.  It’ll be worth it.  Especially if you find it.  Especially if it finds you.


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