My Circle

bobby posting:

Sometimes my partner-in-crime and I put up a Venn diagram on his chalkboard-painted office wall.  There’s a big circle for his type of music (William Fitzsimmons), a big circle for my type of music (Wilco), and that sweet middle spot where our two circles meet (Mumford & Sons).   When the chalk’s on the wall, we mix it up and erase and add and shift around what we’re listening to that really speaks to us.

Some time ago we lost the chalk, and the little towel that used to erase the chalk.  So we’re stuck with a chalkboard-painted wall and nothing to write on it with.  Of course we could just get more chalk.  But we’re guys.  So we’re stuck with nothing.  We’ve lost all hope.  We’re hopeless.

I know.  It’s sad.

But right now, I stand (or sit) here and say (or type) that I’m drawing my circle again right here and right now (metaphorically)…and for this moment in time the song and video below is right in the middle of it.  It’s understated.  Simple.  Beautiful.  Sweet.  Interesting.  Sincere.  And just downright old-fashioned Good.

From a couple of the guys from Keane branching out on their own, here’s Mt. Desolation with “State of our Affairs”.

Enjoy…and think about who’s in your circle.


2 responses to “My Circle

  • Charles

    Bobby, though I don’t know you well, I do know that you are quite the seeker of truth and beauty. The best part about it, is you share your findings with others. I think you win the Charles Musto award for least known/most influential friend. Thank you!

  • Bobby

    Charles –

    That same search for authenticity that I crave and love to find is found right in you. I could see it simply and clearly as you spoke words into me. And it was only further confirmed by the friends we share. So a sincere “thank you” from me. And a “look no further than right in the mirror” to you.


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