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I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the mystery of songwriting.  Some artists like Ryan Adams say there’s nothing much too it, really.  Seeing as how he releases a new album every week, I think he’s on to something.  Adams says every songwriter should see their art as a craft.  He says there’s no excuse for not writing a new song everyday.  It’s their job to write music.  Forget the moping around and wasting time…write music.  I might stress to him that that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to record and release every song as well…but I digress.

For me, though, songwriting is not my profession.  It’s something I do on the side with little ambition or long-term vision.  I try to pick up my guitar and play just a bit everyday.  Sometimes a little melody comes, most of the times, it doesn’t.  There are moments where I’m desperate to write something new and nothing happens.  And there are other times when I’m just sitting there, carefree and without a thought in the world, when a song finds me.  That’s what I’m posting here.

Late last week, my wife and son were out for a bit running errands.  I had about an hour.  I planned on catching up on some reading or writing.  But on a whim, instead I grabbed my guitar.  I’d tried unsuccessfully for a few weeks to write something new, but was out of luck.  Within a minute of holding my guit-box though, something began to take shape.  Words and melody just formed without me even giving an ounce of effort.  As I sat down to put the words and music down, though, I realized some part of me was tapping into something powerful and potent.

Unbeknown-st to me, thru this song, I was grieving and growing and hoping and praying for a long, lost friend.  Someone I’ve known a long time that had turned away from the good path years ago.  This song become my call for him to come back, to come on home.

Lately I’ve been making my way thru this book (You know that adage, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?  It’s especially true, here!).  I’ve been taking my time with it, sipping it like hot tea, trying to taste and feel all of it.  Without realizing, I think this song came out of that experience.  It must have been my subconscious pushing me to really soak in the weight of that relationship and to yearn for something more.  The song is called “Strong”.  Allow yourself to feel it as well.

(note:  It’s a pretty bare-bones recording.  You may have to crank up your speakers to hear it.  But I posted lyrics below to help you out.)


You were strong, In the days of old, When the days were long

You knew no fear, Nothing got you down, Nothing knocked you out

But age was brave, Stepped right up to you, With all that it could do

Put up a big fight, ‘Bout knocked out all the lights, Turned ’em off inside


But time is on your side…right now, It’s time to let your guard…back down

May take years to right this ship, But it’s years we’re dealing with

It’s time to build you strong, It’s time to build you strong


Bet you couldn’t see, When your heart was weak, All that it could be

Lost all your pride, Didn’t want to know, You were walking down that road

But you were strong, It’s time to build it back, Take up all the slack

And now that you know fear, I’ll hold you with my hands, Give you legs to stand


Time is on your side…right now, It’s time to let your guard…back down

Put…your feet…on solid ground

May take years to stand up right, But we got years to fight this fight

It’s time to build you strong, It’s time to build you strong


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