Movie Music

[note:  reading it in your reader? you may have to head to the actual viachicago site to get the audio clips]

bobby posting:

Back in the fall, I posted here about a little game I like to play called Movie Music. Basically, you listen to a song…and think of how it would be used in a movie.  What would be going on?  What’s happening before your eyes?  Great game.  Always fun.  Never gets old.

Well today I got some new wax to get you back in that soundtrack state of mind.  Just discovered new singer-songwriter Andrew Belle yesterday.  This site was giving away his album for the cost of your email address.  Nice, right?  That’s what I thought.  Been giving it a spin the past 24 hours and have come away pleasantly surprised.  Hope you will be as well.  I’m thinking guaranteeing you’ll be hearing his stuff on the big or little screen sometime soon.  You’ll know what I mean when you hear.  Lends itself very well to pictures.

These two songs should be listened to back-to-back.  That’s how they come on the album.  You’ll appreciate them more that way.  Trust me.

Listen.  Absorb.  Experience.   Relax.  Feel.  Enjoy.

Andrew Belle – “Reach

Andrew Belle – “Oh My Stars”


2 responses to “Movie Music

  • Rick

    13 out 16 of his songs have already been on about a dozen tv shows. He didn’t give it away to get discovered, he’s already well on his way. It was a promo thing. “The Ladder” was #1 on iTunes 3 times in 2010 for singer-songwriters, and part of iTunes “Best of 2010 Rewind”…so you know 🙂

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