Have You Heard: “Swim…” by Frightened Rabbit

bobby posting:

Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

I first heard this song back in March or so of 2010.  It was good and got a lot of play around the office and the house.  But I sort of forgot about it.  Sure it snuck its way onto my BEST OF 2010 mix, but even then, it wasn’t necessarily in the best of the best of the best category for me.  Until recently.

The song seems to keep popping up.  Everywhere.  TV shows.  Movies.  Commercials.  Trailers.  I’m thinking this band will be getting royalty checks for quite some time.  While being the guy who gets to choose the songs to put on screen would be a pretty sweet gig, I’m gonna have to settle for now to just being the guy who chooses to put this song in your head for the day.  Still a pretty sweet gig.  At least from my neck of the woods.

Enjoy the tune.  And now that you’ve heard it here, get ready to hear it everywhere else as well.  You won’t miss it. Need proof? Well here you go:



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