Have You Heard: The Welcome Wagon

bobby posting:

The Welcome Wagon – “But For You Who Fear My Name”

I can take absolutely, 100%-ly, without-a-doubtly…ZERO CREDIT for this one.  This was one of those little gems that was sent my way.  Like a box full of dark chocolate covered caramels.  I was grateful.

One of the great little bonds between me and my best friend Taido is music.  If you know us, that last sentence was painfully redundant.  But what is always new and always near is our passion for finding new good music.  Music that will sustain and grow and dwell in us.

A couple of years ago, because Taido knows me well, he sent me along this song.  He told me it was very Sufjan and very good.  As always, I trusted.  And as, nearly always, he was right.

Because I love the music itself.  The sounds.  The instruments.  The melody.

Because I love the recording.  The filled-full room.  The live spontaneous feel.  The rawness.

Because I love the togetherness.  The clapping hands.  The community.  The voices rising together.

Because I love the words.  “But for you who fear my name / The Son of Righteousness will rise / With healing in His wings.”

Because I love the repetition.  Because I love it beginning to rise in me.   Because I love finding songs that point me to what I really love.  To Whom I really love.

Enjoy “But For You Who Fear My Name” by The Welcome Wagon.


2 responses to “Have You Heard: The Welcome Wagon

  • Taido

    Is this your way of saying you miss me?

  • Charles

    Wow, I was really surprised to see this post today. I actually posted the song by The Welcome Wagon – “But For You Who Fear My Name” on my Facebook wall recently. I think what struck me about the song is that it is anointed (I don’t use that word much anymore – I use to a lot in the past but that’s another story). Anyway, it is anointed, meaning its seems to be touched by the Spirit in my opinion.

    To fully appreciate the song you need to listen to “Vito’s Ordination Song” by Sufjan Stevens. This song was written by Sufjan Stevens for Vito’s Ordination, thus the title. The Vito in the song is the Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto, the lead male singer in The Welcome Wagon. The female singer in the group is his wife Monique. “Vito’s Ordination Song” is actually more anointed (sorry, I can’t think of better word to use here) than “But For You Who Fear My Name” – which is saying a lot! Not that anointings should be compared.

    I was so struck by “But For You Who Fear My Name,” that I checked out a couple of Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto’s teachings online and have been pleasantly impressed with mostly his humility and earnestness in pursuing truth. He’s anointed!

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