Have You Heard: “Desert Song” by Hillsong United

bobby posting:

I first discovered this song back in late 2009.  It came at a perfect time to hear it.  I was filled with stress and fear and raw emotion in a way that I hadn’t been in years.  Maybe ever.  For all sorts of reasons, I was actually desperate at times in my relationship with Christ.  There was a deep need there in a way that was hard for me to swallow.  I couldn’t coast on my own.  I required Him.  Off and on during that season, I’d find myself back in a corner of the house, listening to this song alone.  Well…I guess not alone.

With a little digging, I soon found out even more about the song itself.  One thing that makes any music come alive for me is to hear the back story.  That’s why VH1’s Storyteller’s was such a success.  And why I hear it’s actually returning to the air waves.  When an artist gives you more than the who and what and when and where.  When they give you the “why”.  The “how”.  The song picks up flesh.  Weight.  Life.

I lead worship somewhat regularly, but I’ve still never led out this song.  Maybe it’s because I’m afraid putting it together myself will take something away from it.  Maybe it will just turn this song into words and chords.  Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been in that desert in a while.  Because I like to lead with the purest authenticity I can muster up. 

Maybe’s aside, here’s what I’m hoping: that when I find myself in that place, in deep want and need, that I’ll be able to sing it out, just like she was able to sing it out. 

See what I’m talking about, below.


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