One BIG Question/vol. 1/House on Fire

Adam’s take:

I could only think of two! I just couldn’t think of a third item that came close to the meaning of these two items…so, I failed the project. But, here is what I would have in my arms if our little coach house caught on fire…

1/ My Grandpa’s ballglove

In high school, my grandpa quarterbacked the football team and started at guard on the basketball team. He was also a baseball pitcher, and received a tryout for a minor league affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. They called him “Lefty” Schaechterle, and he could toss a spinner that would drop three feet.

A few years ago, he called me into his room, and pressed an old four-fingered ballglove into my hands. It had been his mitt. He had two sons, and five grandsons. But, he chose to give the mitt to me.

That moment will always mean the world to me because my grandpa has been my hero since I was a young boy. We played ping pong. We raced sticks in the creek behind his house. We played catch. And for all the people that thought I was crazy for leaving my job at Wilson to become a coach, my grandpa understood.

2/ The proposal journal

My best friends. My father. My grandpas. My brother. My pastor.

My words. My prayers. My dreams.

In the months before I proposed to Kristin, I kept a journal of my thoughts and prayers. I wanted to show her that the proposal was founded in months of careful planning and preparation, and not the emotion of a moment. And because I have always been a relational person, and have believed in the power of community, I wanted the help of my best guys. So on one side of the journal, I penned my own words. And on the opposite side, I pasted the letters I received from the closest men of my life.

It might be unfair for me to choose an item that belongs to Kristin to be the object I would carry out of the house during a fire, but the journal has become more than a part of our proposal. It has become a picture of me inviting her to join my life, my relationships, my family.


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