One BIG Question / vol. 1 / Take 4

We’re pretty excited about what’s going on here at the blog today.  A friend of the VIA family is guest posting for us.  And let me tell you one wild detail about this person:  she’s not a he.  We were yearning for a female perspective.  By the grace of God, our dear friend, Jen McDonald, agreed to take on this little project with us.  A few things about her (from what I know):  1 / she’s a student of the Word.  2 / she likes soul music.  3 / she really wants someone to ask her to salsa with her on the dance floor.  Enough from us, let’s get to Jen.  Enjoy.

jen posting:

If your home caught on fire, what three objects (not people or pets!) would you put yourself in harm’s way to save?

The first object that I would put in myself in harm’s way to save is a small pillow that I’ve had since I was a baby. Somewhere along my early childhood I named this pillow, “almohada fría,” or cold pillow. For those of you who don’t know or are thrown off by my last name, I grew up speaking Spanish at home, as my parents emigrated from Guatemala. I mention this only because I didn’t know if people would be thrown off by a pillow with a Spanish name. Or maybe you didn’t think twice about that…Anyways, anyone who is close to me will know that if I go on extended trips, my cold pillow will be buried somewhere in my traveling bag. Almohada fría is pure comfort. And for whatever strange reason, it’s especially comforting when my pillow is cold. I love falling asleep to my cheek resting on my cold pillow! Despite it’s bedraggled look, this beloved pillow is at the top of my list of what I would put myself in harm’s way to save!

The last two things that I’ve thought about are my guitar and my journals. Certain books and my laptop were vying for these slots, but after thinking about it, I landed on these two items. Here is another “true confessions”: I’m a below average guitar player, if that makes any sense. I’m not terrible, but I’m not even that okay because there are certain chords my fingers refuse to play. I know – sad day for these small hands of mine. However, what I can play, typically in the privacy of my room and in smaller groups, I find deeply rewarding. My guitar truly is a prized possession because at any given moment, when I’m in the mood to make music, I can pick it up and explore where my voice and my strumming will take me.

Finally, losing my journals would be pretty devastating. I don’t really journal that often, but over the course of early high school years and on, as I’ve poured out my heart on and off again in written form, it would be a tragedy to lose a window into previous seasons of my life. As I find myself in the middle of a painful period, it has been a tremendously helpful resource to read through my journals and actually see on paper that I have changed and grown …and the realization that God hasn’t been a distant figure in the course of my life, especially in those raw moments when I’ve written a storm of thoughts or a pithy line of desperation.

So there you have it, VIA Chicago friends. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!


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