One BIG Question / vol. 1 / Take 5

Hello! This is Amy Harrison, Bobby’s wife. I’m doing this little intro myself because Bobby is out of town and has no access to the internet, or his phone for that matter, for the next few days. And also because I’m “that kid” who likes to have things done on time, so I wanted to post my answers to this week’s BIG question before this week is out. Bobby actually told me to post on my blog rather than this one. I think he wants to draw some traffic to my stagnant for months and months blog. God bless him. But he’s not here and he was logged into VIA so here I am!

Amy posting (still):

#1 My pictures:  This is number one on my list, no question. For years and years, I’ve known this answer to that question. When I as 7 or 8, my Granny was in a tornado. And by in a tornado, I mean IN a tornado. It literally blew her house away, nothing left but the foundation. I remember going out there with my family after it happened. Some of her stuff was in her yard, some was in the neighbor’s tree, she was in the hospital. Since then, the things she missed most are her photos. She has four children, my dad the oldest, but only a handful of photos to verify their childhoods and memories. It’s just occurred to me that the only pictures I’ve seen of my dad growing up (save a few) are all school or other professional shots. I would love to see my dad hanging out with his buds in the ’60s (I’m picturing Sandlot-style) or dressed up to see Rocky Horror. Or my grandmother as a young woman, stylish no doubt. How many memories would I lose if I didn’t have my pictures to take me back? So, whether it’s Bob’s laptop, a few albums, or my frames around the house, I’ll be going back in.

#2 My wedding rings: I don’t wear much jewelry. Yes, I have been known to wear giant earrings (I have the photos to prove it), but on a day to day basis I’m pretty simple. But, I always wear my wedding rings. Bobby and I have been married for going on 6 years, but we dated for 6 years before that. In those early years, he learned how to bring the romance (woot woot!) and he learned that I had/have a severe fascination with stars. So, when it came time to really show me that he knew me, and loved me, and wanted to be with me, he designed a ring with a diamond constellation, my constellation. I’ve worn that ring proudly (along with my wedding band) since the day he proposed.  Now, you may be wondering, “if you love it so much and you never take it off, why do you have to go back in to save it?”. To answer that requires one more statement of my husband’s insight, creativity, and romance: for our 5th anniversary (the wooden anniversary), Bobby had rings made of Black Ironwood from Africa. It’s hard for me to spell out all of the significance, but it’s simple, natural, African, sturdy, faith like a tree, and most of all it’s ours. We’re wearing these for our 5th year. After September, I’d be going back in for my wooden ring.

#3 Bowser: It was many years before I knew that Bowser was something evil in Marioland. To me, this name is simply comfort, steadfastness, acceptance, fuzziness. My teddy bear. After the traumatic loss of my very first teddy bear (Barney, if you’re curious), Bowser came to me at the tender age of 4. For the next 17 years, I don’t remember a night without him. I’m sure it happened. Maybe even often, but I don’t remember them. My arm under his arms and that’s that. Yes, I took my fair amount of criticism. I haven’t forgotten that a certain member of VIA said he had no eyes and threw him across the floor (you know who you are!). To be fair, we were in college. And he didn’t know Bowser had a soul. Alas, not unlike Toy Story, there came a day when my arms were under someone else’s arms and Bowser’s job was done. Now he tells his story to the newer stuffed animals in Abe’s room. And every now and then, I hear him chuckle as Abe nibbles on his well-worn nose. (Ok, I got a little out of control there at the end, but you get it: I’d save Bowser!)


5 responses to “One BIG Question / vol. 1 / Take 5

  • Jen

    Hi Amy! I’m so glad there’s another female presence for this week’s BIG question and that in some odd, virtual way, I feel like I’m meeting you or getting to know you better before I meet you in person some day, hopefully. I enjoyed reading your three items and especially appreciated your #3:) Until we meet… !

  • Charles

    Amy’s #3 deserves some sort of blog award. I wonder if the “Bloggies” exist? If so, Amy earns one for introducing us to a new character in VIA-land: “Bowser.” The entrance of a fictional (?) character into the narrative makes for an interesting third act and therefore Take 5 gets my vote for most interesting “One BIG Question” post. Also, the mysterious villain (the “certain member of VIA who said he had no eyes”) adds even more intrigue to an already strong post. Though I must admit, I am a bit curious what kind of soul would throw dear Bowser across a college dorm room. The only omission from Amy’s post is a picture of the “Teddy,” surely somehow related to one “Cubby bear.”

  • Adam

    He had no eyes, people. No eyes. How is that cute? No eyes!

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