“The Wall” by Josh White. Authentic, Sincere, Real Worship

bobby posting:

Josh White – “The Wall”

I hold on to certain worship songs for seasons of my life.  One at a time, they guide me, push me and pull me.  They enter into me and usually come out of me thru my leading.  This song was sent my way back around Christmas time.  I heard it and loved it, but didn’t really process it until just this week.  I sent a friend an email explaining a lot of things that were going on in my life.

This friend knew me well enough to know that I needed to hear this song again.  For it to dwell in my soul for some time.  To sing it out.  Live it out.  Embrace it.  Believe it.

Here’s an excerpt of my email:

I found myself thinking over and over this weekend about darkness and light.  The Enemy had built up bricks and bricks around my heart.  He had stored darkness up in this vault and let it permeate into so many areas of my life.  I assumed that if I ever let God or anyone else into that darkness, that the process of shedding light into it would be long and difficult.  But grace is not long and difficult.  I learned, quickly, that grace is not opening up the blinds slowly.  It is not walking into that pitch black room with a lit match, a candle, or a flashlight.  Grace — by it’s very definition — is immediate and blinding.  It’s unrecognizable.  It’s more than God flipping on the light switch.  It’s God’s whole Being — all of that Light that is in him, that is Him — swelling up and breaking thru with waves and waves of blinding force.  Immediate.  Powerful.  Mighty.  Effective.

Grace is those walls crumbling down.

Swift.  Honest.  Impossible.

Not sure what you need to hear today.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.  Either way, I’d suggest starting with hearing this sweet-spirited song.  It’s written by a guy named Josh White.  He used to lead a band called Telecast.  If you were around me in college at all, you know who I’m talking about.  I wore that album out.  Glad this guy is doing his own thing now.  Earnest.

Authentic.  Sincere.  Real.



If you’re planning on leading this song, as I am, it’s just C-G-Am-F (capo 1)

The Wall

I’ve been hiding myself
For so long

I thought You were hiding
I was so wrong

You’ve been drawing me in
Exposed I begin
To see I am nothing without You

You’ve been pulling me out
From all of my doubt
To find Jesus it is You

The Wall has been torn down
By Your Blood
And as our lives collide
With Your Love
We pray tear down those walls
That keep us from You

You, buried in pain
As You hung from the cross

Me, cleansed of the stain
And all through Your loss

You were tasting the weight
Of the Fathers hate
Of all my failings

Forsaken You cried, Father why
It is finished, You’re alive

The Wall has been torn down
By Your Blood
And as our lives collide
With Your Love
We pray tear down those walls
That keep us from You

Everything for You…Everything for You… Everything for You…Everything for You


2 responses to ““The Wall” by Josh White. Authentic, Sincere, Real Worship

  • Charles

    Bobby, what I like about you is its always you plus everyone else. You share. You play well. You take us through what your going through not just for yourself but for the sake of others. What a great quality! That’s why Via Chicago is the best blog on the Internet and why I’m an avid reader. I pray that God’s power is perfected in your weakness for yourself plus everyone else. By the way, when does your first book come out? Perhaps a compilation of your Via posts.

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    […] to get fussy.  Part of me begins to clench up.  Another part of me reaches to the CD player, turns on a beautiful song I’ve been drawn to recently, and witnesses my baby boy ease into peace like Florida’s waves at night.  I drift off to […]

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